The Expressive Voice System

Your career may depend on the sound of your voice. Make it:

  • Stronger
  • Richer
  • Warmer
  • More Powerful

This system contains a variety of resources to help you increase your vocal range, expression and flexibility. You’ll feel more confident that you voice will support the message you want to send.

The Expressive Voice System contains:

  • The Audio Coach – 8 downloadable mp3 files with exercises personally created and recorded by Dr. Coleman.
  • Pocket Coach Cards – 12 cards filled with information and exercises to carry with you.
  • FREE Personal Voice Analysis – Get 3 exercises chosen just for you and your specific vocal issues.
  • Additional Customized Exercises – 12-15 more exercises based on your Personal Voice Analysis.
  • Written Evaluation – Send Dr. Coleman an mp3 file of you speaking and you’ll receive a written evaluation of what you might want to work on.
  • Telephone Evaluation and Coaching – Send Dr. Coleman and mp3 file of you speaking and you’ll be able to schedule a :30 telephone evaluation and coaching session. (Must be scheduled within 30 days.)

When you bundle at least one other Expressive Voice System option with the Audio Course, you’ll receive a 15% discount on your entire order.

For an example of telephone coaching results, listen to these clips.