At Say It Well!, we can help you and your employees develop stronger communication skills with a variety of programs and seminars. There are no “canned” presentations. Each speech or seminar is customized for your company. We feel each client deserves our freshest ideas and research.

Most titles can be adapted to fit any type of program from a 30 minute luncheon keynote to a two-day seminar. All presentations are entertaining, informative and interactive. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Say It Well@Work

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, compelling communication is essential. Improve your interpersonal skills as well as your voice and presentations.

Your Vocal Image: Put Your Best Voice Forward

A person’s career can depend on whether they are perceived as confident and powerful or weak and insecure. The sound of your voice directly affects those perceptions. Make sure it’s the best it can be.

Speak With Spark … Every Time

Whether you speak professionally or give reports at meetings, make sure that the structure and delivery of your remarks are dynamic and memorable.

The Taming of the Shrill: Powerful Voices for Powerful Women

Why do so many of us speak too softly? Why do our voices get high when we’re nervous? Women have some unique vocal issues, but we CAN find more powerful voices and become better communicators.


Lift Up Your Voice! A Seminar in Analytical Reading and Speaking

Whether you’re a broadcaster, actor, minister, teacher or lay reader in your church, this seminar will help you read the words of others in a way which is meaningful, conversational and easy to listen to. Based on the NEW book, Giving the Sense: How to Read Aloud with Meaning, by Nedra Newkirk Lamar and the Institute of Analytical Reading, you’ll learn the logical principles and conversational patterns that underlie everyday speech. Analytical Reading gives you confidence that you’re sharing the writer’s meaning when you read. In addition, you’ll learn practical voice tips and techniques to become more expressive.

What People are Saying!

The information you presented on powerful voices and the techniques you used to help others was invaluable. You are a valuable role model and mentor for all women.

J. Colleen Bromley
Vice President/President Elect
Metro-East Professional Women
Swansea, IL

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